Social Health Registry
Social Health Registry
SHR is a social experiment to influence human behavior and decrease the spread of STD/STIs.

Be Safe. Be Responsible.

A tool to empower socially responsible individuals in the dating world.


Do you take your sexual health seriously?

SHR allows you to upload your negative STD results and share them with your potential sexual partners.

Are you a socially responsible citizen?

Stopping an STD epidemic in our country requires a societal change in behavior. This change starts with you.

Do you expect the same behavior from others around you?

Get tested. Sign up. Upload your STD results. Have responsible sex and know you and your partner are SHR.


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No more awkward conversations, or waiting until it's too late. Just ask: "Are you SHR?"

SHR is a web application that allows registered users to upload their negative STD/STI test results, have them validated, and share their profile with potential sexual partners. The goal is to positively influence human behavior in ways that will mitigate the rise in STDs and STIs.


Don't risk it. #beSHR

You can now upload your negative STD/STI test results. Customize your profile and start sharing it with potential partners today, completely free.



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"Every year, there are an estimated 20 million new STD infections in the United States."-Center for Disease Control

Don't risk it! Get tested and know your status. Then upload your negative results to let your partners know you're SHR.