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The Social Health Registry - SHR is a platform comprised exclusively of socially responsible individuals that subscribe to the theory that personal health and safety cannot be left to chance while living in the age of information.

SHR is a web application that allows registered users to upload their negative STD/STI test results, have them validated in the backend, and share their profile with potential sexual partners. The goal is to influence human behavior and encourage open conversations with sexual partners, more frequent STD/STI testing, and a more socially responsible community. It’s important to be sure (#beSHR) about your sexual health and status while dating in the age of technology.




SHR was founded by Oksana and Carl Wright in 2017. As a married couple, they watched from the sidelines as single friends and family navigated the dating pool in the age of dating apps and websites. They recognized that the instant gratification of swiping right had its risks. The global STD/STI rates continue to climb to staggering numbers with no indication of decreasing or stabilizing. As technology professionals, they wondered: how can technology address this major health and society issue? If it's possible to see your personal health records online, and it's possible to find a date online within minutes, why don't the two platforms make it easy to share your sexual health with potential partners? As parents of two young girls they vowed to contribute to the solution, and devise a tool that would mitigate the rise of STD/STIs for future generations.

Co-founder, Carl Wright

Co-founder, Carl Wright

Oksana Wright and Chanel Dority at Startup Grind Global Conference in February 2018. 

Oksana Wright and Chanel Dority at Startup Grind Global Conference in February 2018. 

SHR is proudly owned and operated by women entrepreneurs. We aim to empower women who are dating and sexually active, as well as encourage women who run their own businesses or want to pursue entrepreneurial ventures. We support women who contribute valuable solutions in technology and are part of the growing #FemTech community.

In February 2018 SHR traveled to Silicon Valley to participate in Startup Grind (powered by Google for Entrepreneurs), and were recognized as one of top 20 startups out of the 130 startups accepted.

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Systems 4 Society

SHR is a proud initiative of Systems 4 Society. S4S was founded on the theory that self-reliance and social responsibility are society's best option for a better tomorrow.  

We believe in a common value system that transcends race, religion, and politics. We acknowledge the void that exists between humanity and technology, and have made it our mission to bridge this gap.

Join S4S in the next chapter of human evolution: Social Tech.