Partner with SHR

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Which social impact persona are you? 

An STD-free society is possible and achievable if everyone joins the mission.


An Individual

Any social change starts with you: a responsible citizen! Get tested today and create a profile with SHR to demonstrate to your partner(s) that you take your sexual health seriously and request that they do the same before engaging in an intimate relationship. Wouldn't it be lovely if a whole nation was SHR?


Dating App or Site

Our platform is dating site agnostic and built to seamlessly integrate with any dating application on the market. We want to give your users peace of mind when they are matching with a person whose profile is marked with an SHR badge. This indicates that the SHR user is a responsible citizen who values their sexual health, and that they have a current account with SHR. We let you worry about perfecting the matching algorithms and you let us worry about making sure that your users get regularly tested. Win-win!



"In learning you will teach, in teaching you will learn." -Phil Collins

Are you a thought leader in a field related to SHR and its mission to mitigate global STD transmission? We welcome an opportunity to meet with you and see if there is a fit. Drop us a line. 


Angel Investor

The production and operations of the Social Health Registry have been bootstrapped by our team. We are now opening up our purse to ask for your support. Are you ready to invest in a powerful mission and the next big initiative to come out of the Fem Tech and Social Tech arenas? We are. And we could use your help. Get in touch with us to find out how you can help.


Laboratory or Health Care Provider

To ensure an STD free society we need to come together to promote and simplify the process of getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases. SHR cannot do it alone. We need your help to advance the agenda of getting tested and transferring the results safely into the database. Various avenues for partnerships are available - reach out to learn more!


Government Representative

An STD free society is only possible in the environment where the leaders of our communities support legislation and promote policies that encourage regular STD testing. SHR is involved in initiatives to approach the STD/STI epidemic in our country through policy.