SHR Recognized as Top 20 Startup out of 130 Accepted in the 2018 Startup Grind Global Conference

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Redwood City, CA - The Social Health Registry made waves at the 2018 Startup Grind Global Conference. #FemTech  and #SocialTech took aim at the “hidden” epidemic that has casted an ominous shadow on the swipe-right industry. SHR debuted their strategy to mitigate global STD transmission.  

Oksana Wright, Co-founder and CEO of SHR, delivered a one-minute pitch during Startup Grind's quickfire pitch session on stage in front of technology professionals, investors, and sponsor companies. Wright's pitch garnered noticeable feedback from the audience , signaling that society (women especially) are ready to leverage technology in a capacity that protects and empowers the rising digital sexually active community to easily request a potential partner’s STD status by simply asking, “Are you SHR?.” Society has come a long way since “would you like that supersized,” to a more conscience and noble contribution to humanity by simply requesting verifiable data from potential sexual partners.

SHR noticed a sharp increase in user adoption following the conference, signaling that ‘safe-sex’ user data and analytics integrated with the online dating economy is inevitable.


There is an opportunity, today, to impact STD transmission through collaboration between the healthcare community and the online dating community. The mission of SHR is to provide that common ground in the community and provide data to people in society to make better, smarter, data-driven selections in the boudoir.

When diving deeper into to opinions at the conference, the majority of attendees welcomed a third party STD/STI verification,

“The feedback from the user interviews has helped hone our strategy and immediate next steps,” said Chanel Dority, SHR's Head of Product.