Social Health Registry Calls for Users to Take Charge of Their Sexual Health with Web-Based Platform for National STD Awareness Month

Social Health Registry (SHR), a startup and social experiment striving to mitigate global STD transmission, is calling for users to take charge of their sexual health with its web-based platform for National STD Awareness Month. This announcement follows their debut at the 2018 Startup Grind Global Conference in February, where SHR was recognized as one of the Top 20 startups among 130 accepted to present.

By visiting, users can sign up for a profile for free, upload their negative STD results, and share them with potential sexual partners. By aiming to replace the taboo and awkward conversations of asking a potential partner if they have been tested for STDs, SHR provides a new, easy, and direct approach: “Are you SHR (sure)?” – a new social prompt for potential partners to reach for their device and reveal the official date of their last STD test, which is validated by SHR in the backend.

“Not only does SHR’s mission directly evoke women’s empowerment in the bedroom, demanding for partners to #beSHR, but STDs and STIs impact society as a whole, to the tune of $16 billion annually to the United States’ healthcare system,” says Oksana Wright, CEO of SHR. “To #beSHR is not a ‘nice-to-have’ prerequisite for those looking to get intimate. We see this becoming the new standard in the swipe-right culture that we have become.”

SHR is a proud initiative of Systems 4 Society, making digital results convenient and accessible for users on a computer, tablet, or mobile device. As a company powered by women entrepreneurs, SHR places women in the driver’s seat of social impact.

To learn more about SHR and its platform, visit:

About Social Health Registry (SHR)

Social Health Registry (SHR) is a platform comprised exclusively of socially responsible individuals that subscribe to the theory that personal health and safety cannot be left to chance while living in the age of information. SHR is a web application that allows registered users to upload their negative STD/STI test results, have them validated in the backend, and share their profile with potential sexual partners. The goal is to influence human behavior and encourage open conversations with sexual partners, more frequent STD/STI testing, and a more socially responsible community.

For further information about SHR, visit, or connect with us on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, and Twitter at #beSHR.

About Systems 4 Society (S4S)

Systems 4 Society (S4S) was founded on the theory that self-reliance and social responsibility are society’s best option for a better tomorrow. As a company empowering a new era of technology, S4S believes in a common value system that transcends race, religion, and politics.

S4S acknowledges the void that exists between humanity and technology, and has made it a mission to bridge this gap. 
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