Teen STDs on the rise in Oklahoma

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Teen STDs are on the rise in Oklahoma.

20 million sexually transmitted diseases are reported every year in the U.S. and teens make up about half. That number continues to climb and Oklahoma ranks in the top 10 of the highest STD rates.

Casey Price, program manager for the Oklahoma Department of Health’s Disease Intervention Services said, “Over the last five years, among the teenage population, we’ve had about a 17 percent increase of chlamydia and about a 36 percent increase of gonorrhea.”

Price claims 24,000 young women became infertile last year because of untreated gonorrhea and chlamydia.

Some blame technology, but Price said, “What we do know is that social media does give you access to other people easier so that you can meet up with somebody or arrange casual hookups or sexual encounters with people easier than you definitely could 10 years ago.”

While there is no correlation between social media and the rise of STDs, one teen told 2 Works for You one could lead to the other. She said, “People are seeing so much stuff on social media about skinny people, or people working out, or being fit and eating all this healthy food. People get so caught up in that. They want to just be perfect and get the perfect guy or get the perfect girl.”