Terms & Conditions

Consent Form

I, the registering user of Social Health Registry (henceforth, SHR, LLC), knowingly and willingly give my consent to SHR, LLC, to use and store in it’s SHR system, website and any documents I provide to SHR, LLC. For example but limited to, my blood test results which may include proof of STD screening, vaccination records and proof of drug screening.

I do hereby authorize SHR, LLC to view and upload my records to www.beshr.org under my specific SHR profile. I understand that this information may be viewed by authorized users of the SHR System. SHR in-turn will provide and share a SHR status level associated with the shared records. SHR status will be communicated with SHR clients with integration. No medical records will be shared with anyone outside the SHR system.

I understand that SHR has adopted reasonable measures to secure and protect my personal information while in transit and while stored in my online profile, including blood test history, but I accept the inherent risk of malicious infiltration of the system, and do not hold SHR, LLC responsible for any harm if my information is accessed.

  1. I will not provide SHR, LLC with any other sensitive data such as my social security number
  2. I reserve the rights to change the access to my information at any time by contacting SHR, LLC or by deleting documents within my profile
  3. This form is valid as long as I am a member of the SHR, LLC community, however, every time I provide credentials/blood results, I agree to execute a separate SHR Consent of Use Protected Information Form
  4. I understand the use of SHR does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases. SHR validation states that members have been tested negative within a given time.
  5. Fraudulent documents submitted will result in immediate member termination. Please refer to your state laws on knowingly spreading a sexually transmitted disease.