The Team

SHR is proudly owned and operated by women entrepreneurs. We are comprised of technology and business professionals with a combined 60 years of experience.


Oksana Wright

CEO & Co-Founder

IMMIGRANT. EMPOWERED. VISIONARY. Oksana is a socially responsible citizen of society that aims to inspire the next generation of young women to take control of their life, health, and wellness.


Chanel Dority

Head of Product

FEARLESS. AUTHENTIC. UNCONSTRAINED. Empowering the next generation of women in tech representing diversity at the forefront of social technology; leveraging tech and creativity to address challenges in the community. 

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Carl Wright

Co-Founder & Strategy

CLOUD EXPERT. aSaaSIN. STRATEGY. Cloud advisory expert relating to the enterprise SaaS model with extensive background in culture talent management and workforce development. 

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Thomas Munley


CONNECTION. COMMUNITY. STRATEGIC GROWTH. Business venture specialist with emphasis on mutual growth. Over a decade of experience in sales, relationships and development with small businesses and Fortune 15 companies.